The registration is done via this webpage

Full conference fee 550 EUR
Full conference fee student 450 EUR
Eearly bird conference fee (before September 4st) 500 EUR
Eearly bird conference fee students (before September 4st)< 400 EUR
One day ticket 175 EUR
Extra conference dinner ticket 75 EUR
Deduction fee for publishing working source code and/or datasets associated with the paper and presentation into the public domain on a third party platform (GitHub, BitBucket etc.) (after confirmation by scientific committee, license type must be registered at OSI. Details to follow.) an permissive enough to allow peers from the scientific community to validate and re-use the work. 50 EUR plus a present at the conference
Accelerating BIM workshop 150 EUR

The fineprint: Each paper presentation must have at least one registered author. One author may present at most two papers. Each additional paper must have at least one additional co-author registered